The assignment of our company

TFS acts responsibly and invests in a long-term profitable expansion in the service industry for material recycling and its associating sectors. Therefor we have to find out the needs and then offer these products and services, that meet with the needs of the clients, the future markets and our environment.

Our aim for the future

We want to become an international important service company for material recycling systems.

We want to be well known for:

By international activities, personal challanges and possibilities in professional development, we would like to be attractive for qualified employees. We work in an atmosphere of open communication and friendly cooperation and promote readiness for risks and entrepreneurial mentality.

We orientate ourselves by the market, offer and demand products and services of high quality, carry on relations with customers and other business relations. We expand our markets by taking an innovative and leading role in development for products and services.

Within our market we are taking a leading part. We stand up for the interests of the environment, of our employees and our clients.

Our standards


In all our activities we are honest and fair and insist on trustworthy behaviour.

We achieve this at any time by:


We respect the dignity and rights of each person. Our individual and conserted activities, as well as the excellent capabilities and achievements of our employees provide us with competitional advantages.

We achieve this by:

Environment, health, safety

We commit ourselves to protect our environment as well as the health and safety of our employees. Further commitment is shown for the cities and communities, we are working in.

We achieve this by:


Technology is another key to our success.

We achieve this by:

Business relations

We commit ourselves to fulfil the demands of our clients for mutual benefit.

We achieve this by:


We are prepared to improve ourselves continuously and to stand up for each challenge.

We achieve this by:

Our targets and strategies

Our targets – and the strategies which are needed to reach them – correspond with our picture of the future and our values.

Our targets consist of six elements:

1. Expansion

We want to reach a rate of economic growth, that gives our employees and our business partners the security of good long-term co-operation.

We are going to expand our actual company and add international new business branches by opening and buying further companies and by participations.

2. Profitability

For our associates we want to contribute to an increase in value and to achieve a long-term capital return, higher than the expenses for the capital contribution.

We will reach this by a continuous improvement of our processes, our technologies and our attitude of management. In doing so we will orientate ourselves especially by the demands of our business partners. Here we compete with the leading contestants.

3. International prospects

We want to be an international service industry making 50 % of its turnover outside Germany.

Also we are going to follow an international strategy and develop a global organisation, that has a stock of trained employees with international perspectives at its disposal.

4. Innovative products / business sections

We want to reach 25 % of our turnover within the next 10 years by new products.

We support the development of technologies according to the market and want to reach a leading position in the development and application of innovative and inexpensive processes.

5. Our staff

We develop an international foundation of qualified employees and perform a co-operating work situation with an extensive team spirit and active assistance.

This encourages our employees to work independently and to contribute successfully to the realisation of the targets of the company. We offer competitive wages and attractive acknowledgement systems to promote teamwork and personal initiative.

6. Environment, health and safety

We are members of the society, aware of our responsibility.

We commit ourselves to protect our environment and to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, as well as that of the users of our products and of the communities in which we are working.

We develop strategies and plan to realise safe working places and to avoid environmental pollution. We submit ourselves to severe environmental and safety standards, services and their responsible applications by our clients. Our product innovations should lead to a better use of resources in the sense of a protected environment, high contentment of the clients, content employees and business relations in the long-term.