About us

Since 1990, TFS global hanger management GmbH has been working as a service provider in the clothes hanger industry. What the TFS group now represents and provides is the result of a long process with ups and downs, with painful and pleasing developments for business partners, employees and everyone contributing to TFS. Not always perfect, but always wholeheartedly striving to bring slight improvements to all work with and on clothes hangers.

The following timeline shows some of the important milestones in the evolution of our company:

Einige wichtige Meilensteine unserer Unternehmensentwicklung entnehmen Sie dem folgenden Zeitstrahl:

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Company development


TFS Textil Finishings Service GmbH

Foundation of the parent company in Nordhorn in Lower Saxony.


Entrance of the Bode family

On 1 January 1995, Bernhard, Bernd Gerrit and Hermann Bode acquired 75% of the shares in TFS Textil Finishing Service GmbH. Motivated by the idea of not simply recycling or disposing of a product completely after use, but rather reusing it and thereby doing something useful from an economic as well as ecological point of view, the new shareholders have designed the current scope of services significantly for reusable hangers and have always pushed forwards with innovations.


Complete takeover

At the beginning of 1996, the family acquired the remaining 25% of the company.


T.F.S. International s.r.o

Foundation of the first independent foreign company in Sokolov (Czech Republic) with a plant in Libavske Udolí.


Relocation to Otovice (Karlovy Vary)

Relocation of the plant from Libavske Udolí to Otovice (Karlovy Vary).


TFS global hanger management GmbH

Company name changed to TFS global hanger management GmbH with the aim of significantly emphasising the purpose of the company and the scope of the business in the name.


TFS (UK) Ltd.

Foundation of the independent English subsidiary in Working in England. The company’s headquarters are now in Leicester in the Midlands. TFS (UK) Ltd. is now the contact and business partner for all British customers and their operations overseas.


TFS global hanger management s.l.

Founded in Barcelona in Catalan. In addition to serving our customers in the Iberian Peninsula, the company operates its own sorting facility for hangers.


Relocation to Aš

Following a large fire in Otovice that resulted in the complete destruction of the sorting and storage facility, operations were restarted in Aš.


Relocation to Dolní Rychnov

The relocation to the temporary establishment in Aš resulted in sorting operations commencing in Dolní Rychnov.


Sorting machine

Commissioning of the first semi-automatic hanger sorting system in the Nordhorn headquarters.


Change to the shareholder structure

On 31 December 2005, Mr Bernhard Bode resigned from the company.


Corelog s.r.o.

Foundation of the wholly-owned subsidiary of T.F.S International s.r.o for the preparation and processing of recyclable materials from the hanger sorting system.


Relocation from Barcelona to Fontanar

Relocation of the company headquarters and construction of a plant in Fontanar.


BHS Bohemian Hanger Sorting s.r.o.

The sorting and classification of hangers is outsourced to an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary company of T.F.S International s.r.o.


LKS Limburgse Kleerhanger Sorteerbedrijf B.V.

Foundation of the TFS global hanger management GmbH Dutch subsidiary in Eijsden. The company started operating in September 2008.


Relocation to Leicester

In order to better meet the requirements of UK customers logistically, the distribution centre and the headquarters of TFS (UK) LTD were relocated to Leicester.


Relocation to Cheb

Relocation of the plant and the headquarters to Cheb. The current headquarters give the company possibilities for modern technical and infrastructural development for the coming years.


TFS global hanger management SK s.r.o.

Gründung der slovakischen 100%igen Tochtergesellschaft der T.F.S. International s.r.o. in Bratislava (slowakische Republik).


TFS Global Aski Ve Diş Tic. LTD.

Foundation of the T.F.S International s.r.o Slovakian wholly-owned subsidiary in Bratislava (Slovak Republic).


CPF Classificacion de perchas Fontanar S.L.

The sorting and classification of hangers is outsourced to an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of TFS global hanger management s.l.


Relocation to Maastricht

Relocation of the LKS Limburgse Sorteerbedrijf B.V. sorting operations from Eijsden to Maastricht.