Nordhorn in Germany

Nordhorn / County of Bentheim / Lower Saxony / Germany

Situated directly on the border with the Netherlands and close to the border with North Rhine-Westphalia, the county town of Nordhorn in the County of Bentheim has around 53,000 inhabitants and a surface area of approx. 149.5km². In the Middle Ages, Nordhorn was marked by the long-distance trade and military road between Amsterdam and Bremen and has its roots in the first settlements in the present-day city.

Nowadays, Nordhorn emphasises its particular characteristic as a “Water Town” to tourists. The River Vecht, the local “Vechtesee”- lake and the canals, the Süd-Nord-Kanal, Nordhorn-Almelo-Kanal and the Ems-Vechte-Kanal, are now hotspots for hiking, cycling and water sports. The Bourtanger Moor and the smaller Emsland bogs dominate the landscape today.

Historically, wars and religions have sometimes strongly influenced the population and the population trend. The traces of events both long ago and more recent, as well as the industrial development as a textile town and the economic changes of the city of Nordhorn can be felt and are documented in many places.