Cesano Boscone in Italy

Cesano Boscone / Milan / Lombardy / Italy

Situated near to Milan, Cesano Boscone is a municipality with around 23,500 inhabitants and a surface area of approx. 4km². The good connections, especially to Milan, encouraged rapid population growth from 5,600 inhabitants in 1961 to the approximately 23,500 today. Both the Milan-Mortara railway line and the suburban railway connection define the rhythm of the people.

The major European economic force of Milan has also had a lasting influence on the region. Around 7.5 million people live in the “Grande Milano” metropolitan area. The region is famous for its industry (automobile), Italian fashion, media and design. The La Scala theatre and the football clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan are famous across the globe.

The history of the region around Cesano Boscone begins as early as 400 BC and is characterised by an eventful history and contemporary personalities such as the politician Silvio Berlusconi, the legendary goalkeeper Walter Zenga and the pianist Maurizio Pollini. The fashion companies and the universities with young and innovative people define life in Milan. Technology and a desire for the beautiful things in life are at home here.