Maastricht in the Netherlands

Maastricht / Limburg / Netherlands

Traiectum ad Mosam (Latin) and Mosae Traiectum (Latin) meaning the bridge over the Meuse. This is probably the most likely origin of the name of the city of Maastricht. Lying on the Meuse, Maastricht is home to around 121,000 inhabitants over 60km².

The administrative and supply centre Maastricht is the capital of the Dutch province of Limburg. Since Roman times, Maastricht has been a regional and multicultural centre with French/Wallonian features and equally influenced by the location of its neighbours Belgium and Germany. The University of Maastricht attracts many international students wanting to take advantage of the educational opportunities, the sights and the many recreational offerings. The old town and the shopping centre attract both domestic and international guests for shopping with sophisticated shopping possibilities.

Connected via the Beatrixhaven river port, Maastricht is situated on the waterways of the Meuse and the Albert Canal. The Brussels-Liege-Maastricht-Heerlen-Eindhoven railway line is also noteworthy, although its importance has declined significantly. The motorway connections to the A2 (Amsterdam-Liege) and the A79/76 to Aachen are more significant. The Maastricht Aachen Airport is of secondary importance in the infrastructure, but does offer direct flights to popular holiday destinations.

With the first Celtic settlement around 500 BC, Maastricht is a popular tourist destination. The many influential events from its history of over 2,500 years, the influence of various ethnicities with their numerous historical monuments and cultural sites as well as a varied landscape make Maastricht a worthwhile destination for a city tour as well as a longer holiday by bike or boat.